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Founder & CEO: Sondra Golla


With over six years of experience in her current role as CEO of Cóir Enterprises, Sondra Golla is commended for her contributions to the industry. Throughout her career, Ms. Golla has attained extensive expertise in the areas of business management, legal documents, estate planning, and family law. To maintain currency in her field of expertise, Ms. Golla makes continual efforts to engage in furthering her education and knowledge in all relevant areas. Ms. Golla has completed executive certification in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution with the University of Notre Dame.  

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Management, with a dual degree in Human Resources.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Columbia College. 
  • Juris Doctor degree from The Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law. 

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Our team of seasoned professionals is passionate about helping clients to reach their goals, overcome uncertainties, and gain confidence. You can trust us to deliver the right strategies at the right time. No matter what challenges stand in your way, we'll overcome it together.  

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